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Katie Holder Artisan Jewelry

Apatite Sterling Silver Stacking Ring, Size 8

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This absolutely gorgeous round apatite sterling silver ring is just waiting for you! Made with 925 sterling silver, and utilizing a basket mount that lets light in from underneath the stone, this ring sparkles with every movement. The blue of the apatite fluctuates from deep to light depending on lighting and makes a wonderful statement. Great for every day wear or adding to your outfit for a night on the town, this ring is sure to capture attention!

The purchase of this listing is for one gemstone ring with the following details:

Style: Sterling Silver 6mm Apatite Solitaire Ring
Measurements: Size 8, gemstone 6mm

You’ll be delighted the first time you slip this gemstone on your finger and you’ll find yourself daydreaming about the next time you can dress up with your new favorite ring. If you’d like to keep shopping for more gemstone jewelry including sterling silver pendants, crystal necklaces, or apatite jewelry you may return to the Katie Holder Jewelry shop home by clicking the following link: Katie Holder Jewelry
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