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Katie Holder Artisan Jewelry

Bronze Persephone Necklace

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Minimal, elegant, essential. This bronze and stainless persephone necklace is the perfect everyday piece. Expertly handcrafted from bronze rings, this chainmaille necklace features a minimalist design while still making a statement. Each ring is hand closed offering you a smooth, finished piece that won’t snag but will elevate your next outfit.

The purchase of this listing is for one persephone chainmaille necklace with the following details:

Style: Bronze Persephone Necklace
Measurements: 18 inches long

Remember, each piece of this chainmaille jewelry is lovingly handmade so there may be some slight variations between your circles necklace and those pictured above. Due to the difference in monitors, some color variations may occur. If you’d like to discuss a custom chainmaille necklace, simply send us a message and we can chat about options for other colors and materials. If you’d like to keep shopping for more unisex jewelry including brass jewelry, chainmaille necklaces, and chainmaille pendants you may return to the KatieHolderJewelry shop home by clicking the following link: Katie Holder Jewelry